My consultancy company is called SIT (Scalable IT) and has developed various web applications, embedded IOT devices. And also quite some native & hybrid Mobile and Desktop applications for a wide range of companies in the past decade: Option, Playpass, Rombit, Antser, Televic, TU/e, Airshaper, Engie Electrabel, Meemoo.

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Some of my hobby projects. I've done many in the past. Some ended up in Wired magazine, some on hackaday, some failed and some just lingered around until they trigger my interest again. One of my older electronics hobby projects even turned into a patent and a new business AnyKey

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My sweet kids and wife Carmen nowadays take away most of my spare time, which is great. My son Noah is now 5 years old and my daughter Juana is allmost 1.

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Need someone for hardware prototyping, linux embeded work, API development or just general web development?
Feel free to leave a message, call or email me at any time.

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Company SIT bvba