GameBUS project at TU/e

(June 2015)

Short assignment of 2-3 weeks arranged by a friend who I knew from University of Antwerp during my academic years Pieter Van Gorp. He's now professor at TUE/e (University of Eindhoven) and needed to get his backend for a project called GameBus developed faster. He wanted the implementation in java spring this was something they had been using in the past.

So I set up 20 resources using Java Spring and connected to postgres using Hibernate ORM. Using lombok for code generation this was pretty efficient. For authentication/jwt token generation I used a small rails app to provide a login screen during the last day (purely due to the limited time constraint I reverted to my favourite framework rails at the time to make sure the system was useable for further testing and development when I was away to my next assignment).

My next customer became TeleVic.