Friday Night Hack 2: Real 16f628 Binary Clock on PCB

Written by walle on x/x/2006

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Transferred the Binary Led clock from breadboard onto a pcb. Also added an extra green hour led. This way we can display hours from 0-23 using 5 leds (so yes the total possible combinations would be 32) instead of the analogue version which shows 0-12 with 4 leds. Ow yes, the time here is 11:06 AM. The breadboard version along with some code can be found here : binclock on breadboard Here's a test run or rather debugging run (where every second a minute is increased, so running at 60*regular speed). This way it has a little more action : Here is the schematic: This costs about 5 euro in parts (including the pic16f628a or even pic16f627a works fine too). It is different from the commercial binary clocks (and thus original): 16h23 will be shown as 10000 010111 Whereas on the commercial binclocks it is shown as 00001 01010 00010 00011 The commercial ones only teach you binary numbers from 0 to 9. This one teaches you binary numbers from 0 to 59

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