Facebook RFID sharing at werchter 2013

Written by Walter on 19/7/2013

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This was one of the many RFID crowd projects I made for werchter 2013. You scanned your wristband and it posted a message on your facebook profile saying which band was playing and where you we're located on the festival terrain.

We had 8 of these points here is a vid in daytime (main stage):
Here is a video at night time showing off the RGB led lamps I added:
This is what it looked like on your facebook wall seconds after your scan:
This is some analytics that we generate in our webapps showing the RFID scans with above 'sharepoints'(I blurred the figures because my employer doesn't want me to share numbers. But rest assured it was the most popular of the rfid projects ;) Three cheers for Zuckerberg):

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