My prusa is replicating!

Written by Walter on 5/6/2012

Printing the last few parts now, allmost got a prusa v3!

Here's the bridging (so the thing people think is normally not possible with layering without support material, we can still make bridges).

So now I've printed all parts for a second prusa (call it v3 as it has many parts improved from the original v2 I have now).

Here's some pics of the new frame etc.

Final x-ends allmost done here:

Frame nearing completion:

New filament/spool holder I designed with minimal parts works like a charm:

Changed my extruder to 0.35 millimeter and finding the right callibration settings for x-y accelleration made all the difference in getting quality prints:

Just had to pop this one in there too. Found a stargate at work, beam me up ;)

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