AnyKey Patent Pending

Written by Walter Schreppers on 23/3/2011

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My patent is now filed so time to make a little demo!

This is the first prototype and I'm now building a mini pocket version to hang on your key chain. The AnyKey emulates a keyboard and automatically types in your password. The cool thing is that, because anykey works just like a keyboard from the pc side, no drivers or additional software is needed! It works plug and play on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

During this summer I'm planning to produce the device or sell it to a third party. The 'Locksmith' application is used to write your own password or any other desired string to the AnyKey. The Locksmith application is currently in development. It already works on Linux and I'm currently porting it to various operating systems.

UPDATE in 2020: Yes this got parked for many years but indeed finally it resulted in a succesfull kickstarter in 2020 and a webshop here anykey webshop.

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