Egypt Construction Adventure

Written by Walter

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After 3 weeks of stress and construction in Hurghada we are very pleased with the results. Two bathrooms are renovated, living room and terras with new tiles. Electricity fixed. Extra wall and door was placed in living room (to seperate from hallway) and outside door replaced with new door and new locks installed. Furnuture repainted. The original plan was to do it all in 2 weeks together with some egyptian tilers and plaster people. before: after: This turned out to be quite an adventure. The bad : many things went wrong. We had to stay up many nights solving mistakes and correcting old stuff (like the electricity). Also new water mixers just broke but after replacing them with Ideal Standard mixers they worked fine. Then the locks went totally wrong (luckily I was able to fix that too the last day). The good: We got to know the Egyptian culture a bit more than tourists. I even visited a real Egyptian wedding! This was the wedding of the sister of the egyptian contracters wife. The contractor did rip us off a bit (which even resulted in me getting angry for the first time in many years because I heard he had not paid his workers yet which really got me pissed). But still we had a good time and after all is finished and done we put it in the past everyone got paid and we have a renovated villa in Hurghada now ;). On the last 2 days I went skating with Tristan and we even found a new skatepark in El Gouna (not finished yet, the concrete was way too small and the ramp needed an extra layer of wood, also all coopings we're forgotten). Still I popped a trick and got a picture just to show the park exists ;) Anyway I put some pictures here in random order: Egypt Renovation, Marriage and a little Skating

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