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Further browsing about this interesting topic, got me to this documentary called, 'who killed the electric car'. Again as follow up on my conclusions in the previous post: Why do I see commercials on tv for documentary stuff like Bowling for columbine about guns, movies about terrorrist acts like 911. But I never saw one advertisement for this movie ??? Anyway since I firmly belief in freedom of speech and all that, I for one put some advertising here, watch this movie and learn (below is a trailer) : I too did not know of this EV1 car in the past at all. What's even funnier Tom Hanks talked about this and was even involved in a company in the past in these electric cars (he also talks about the batteries being the only thing that had to be improved, other than that is much better than gasoline cars): So the tesla and x1/x2 are not the first electric cars but this time I hope we learned from our mistakes in the past and will finally push towards electric. In USA they already got the picture and government gives you some funding to build/use an electric car and people are converting cars to electric regularly: Not only is it better to drive this for our planet but it is even cheaper too! Ow yeah and the long charge times can be solved using Lithium Polymer batteries as hinted in previous post. My electric version will definitely go the LiPo way even if I have to solder my own lipo battery packs personally ;). By now I have watched the above documentary and the rabit hole goes much deeper apparently. The first cars that were made over 100 years ago were electric! For some reason we jumped to gasoline. Not because it was better but because we had so much oil at the time that was dirt cheap. By the time we noticed the gasoline cars had the flaw of pollution the oil companies worked together with the automobile industry to do everything they can to keep us buying the gasoline cars. Batteries have improved already (cfr LiPo) and there is no reason not to switch to electric other than it will cause the major oil industry to get some financial blows. In these difficult economical times I do hope we finally get back to the beginning were the mistake was made to go with gasoline instead of electric...

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