Worst skateboarding crash ever!

Written by Walter on 1/10/2007

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I was prowling the net to find the worst skateboarding crash/bail/slam ever. Some friends Ben and Phil pointed me out to Jake Brown's bail during the X-Games. And I agree, no doubt, this is the one!

 Anyway just to clarify that 'he got big air but desperately needs the skateboard underneath him' is a totally bogus comment. Back then x-games did not take a skater to comment on a skateboarding contest (just like you would not want someone who knows only tennis and soccer to comment on a football game).

What happens is that he did the 720 but he started to powerslide after the landing due to him trying to stop the twist (again totally understandable this could happen after such a trick, only a couple fortunate skating individuals in the world can do a 720 in the first place).

Then when hitting the big quarter pipe, still not fully recovered from the powerslide, he tries to gain control by pushing harder to get some grip. However this gives him too much lift just before exiting the ramp. At this point he knows he has pushed back too much and will not land into the transition, so his only option is to bail. He kicks his board away so that it will not hit him after his upcomming crash (most skaters kick away their boards in the air when they see or feel the trick is not going as expected to avoid injury.) Then he makes best of the situation again by twisting his body so that he can roll into the slam thereby minimizing injury. The slam is ofcourse much bigger than anyone would want to experience in a life time. It's literally a miracle he's able to walk away from it himself.

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