Barcelona weekend trip.

Written by Walter

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This weekend I took a short trip to barcelona to go skateboarding. We had a blast. A lot of skateboarding and many adventures later, we came back home and safe to belgium. Click on group foto to see all pictures: Here are some highlights. The first adventure: We visited a quiet soccer game in barcelona together with Julian Dijkmans from Antiz after having skated several spots. This was just because we had a sandwich for lunch which happened to be behind a soccer stadium. So we thought lets have a bit of a break, let our food digest while watching a bit of soccer. Before we knew it not only the players started fighting but people of the crowd started jumping over the fences. Dee jokes and says, take a picture of me as if I'm joining the field. Then all of a sudden somebody jumps from behind and steals one of our boards! This happened to be just a few seconds after I had turned on my camera to film the starting fight which I put away when I saw it was getting too serious not to attract attention from people shouting behind us. At this moment the thief with our board over the fence and starts hammering with the board first in the air and then at least hits 2 different people with it. Luckily he did not really injure somebody badly before they where able to overpower him. But then it dawned on us, we have to get that board back! It had to be my board ofcourse which was super unfortunate. It was so crazy because just a week ago my board already got stolen in amsterdam at the Amsterdamn AM skate contest. Out of the five boards that were lying in front of us the thief managed to pick out my new setup :(. Luckily Julian Dijkmans and me ran into the football field around the fighting mob and were able to retreive the board :D. Julian then had another challange of explaining to the angry spanish man shouting at us we had nothing to do with the fight. So thanks to Julian in the end all ended well, we got the board back and got out safe and sound without anybody getting injured. Dee filmed a large part of the fight and hopefully it will be shown in some youtube footage soon. Phil doing this feeble to fakie was just a tiny fraction of all the great footage he did. Just too much to sum up really! Big gaps were destroyed, switch hardflips of stairs and fakie flips and switch crooks and and and... all combined in great lines and topped off with lots of hammers soon to be seen in his youtube footage. Seymour doing nollie noseslide on the famous barcelona FAT white rail : He actually landed it super clean and Dee was there to film it (unfortunately this picture is not the cleanest one he landed). Dee our cameraman who stayed up from the first skater that started early in the morning untill the last had finished getting his tricks on film (sometimes at after 1AM ), RESPECT! Here he had a bit off bad luck and tweaked his ankle on a bank. I did not skate much for the camera. But I did manage to get a 360flip, double kickflip at a manual spot over a grid gap and a hang-on-first-try-only pop over a water fountain on tape ;). I tried to film a run : noseslide on a iron block, 5-0 on a bench, smithgrind on a marble bench and tailslide to fakie on a following marble block. But on camera I bailed the last trick. Unfortunately it was too late and I was too tired to try another time. Here I'm just missing my nosepick-nollie-out. But still I liked the action in the picture so keeping it to drool at when I'm old and wishing I still could ;) The fountain story goes: we were cruising between two spots. Phil had just done a huge ollie of a gap that was at least 2m high. When Dee noticed this perfect pyramid shaped water fountain! Unfortunately it was in a private area not to be accessed by tourists. So we asked the security guard real friendly 'hi we are skaters from belgium and we would love to jump over your waterfountain and film it.' The security guard said, great that looks like something fun to see. But you only get to go 1 time because don't want to get into troube. So there you have it we all got one go at it. This one will be in the youtube footage I hope to post here soon so come back in the near future to this blog ! ;)

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