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WSBasic is a basic interpreter written entirely in C++ without the use of lex or yacc. It shows how one can create a compiler or interpreter using some simple classes to parse and/or execute script code. It is a good way to fully understand how a parser/compiler actually works, at least that was the original purpose of this project. Later I added the ability to run shell commands just like in bash scripting and this gives the project also some nice practical use.

Finally a scripting language which has an easy syntax (for some reason bash just doesn't work like I want it to :). If you're also one of those people, like me, who needs to look at the man pages over and over again before being able to write that simple bash script that does not give parse errors, this project is probably worth looking at.

When I have some more spare time I will put up a more decent website for this project. Meanwhile you can download the sources and browse the cvs tree here.

To get the latest cvs snapshot you have to execute the following lines in a bash prompt. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key :

/cvsroot/wsbasic login

cvs -z3
/cvsroot/wsbasic co wsbasic

Programmed by : Walter Schreppers
Contact :
Inspiration : Jack Crenshaw's let's build a compiler.

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