ICCS 2005 Atlanta, Georgia

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  • Abstract:

    A number of generic tools, some developed by the authors, some developed in cooperation with other teams and others available freely, are combined into an environment, called MPL from Multi Precision Lab, which offers a cross-platform variable precision alternative to Matlab.

    Among the tools we mention for instance our C/C++ precompiler for type conversion, the GMP arithmetic library complemented with our own IEEE-854 compliant multi-radix multiprecision MpIeee library, the Boost matrix library, our own Matlab parser, the libraries FFCall and GNU libtool.

    The functionality of the well-known Matlab toolboxes is available through the multiprecision equivalent of one's library of choice, generated using the same tools. We mention, among others, GSL, Numerical Recipes, an automatic differentiation toolkit, a hybrid polynomial solver and so on.

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  • Pictures taken in my free time: Atlanta 2005
  • Little personal note:

    I really enjoyed visiting Atlanta again, almost 17 years have past since I lived and went to school in Georgia. The funniest thing about the trip was going to Stone Mountain (courtesy of the ICCS commitee) and seeing that the Laser Show was exactly the same as I remembered it from my childhood!

    Ok for me that was a great laugh. But the sad thing was, now I noticed how much propaganda was made in it for the US Army. Which caused an eary silence in the audience filled with people from europe and other parts of the world (well also the fact that it is a really outdated laser effect for todays standards).

    A few locals tried to shout to get into the groove but this didn't work either to their surprise. And I don't blame them to try that. I remembered the show 17 years ago, when it was still High Tech and filled with an American audience. It was a totally different atmosphere. I really enjoyed that show when I was young. Still vividly remembering that crazy/frenzy croud and getting goose bumps just by hearing such a large group feeling so united. So it was kind of weird to be happy and disappointed at the same time.