Rewrite of the VIU2 management website from PHP to RoR

Written by Walter on 8/1/2011

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So far so good, really love the step to Rails a lot.

Hardest part was doing a rewrite of the database. We needed for utf encoding for multi language and file storage instead of blobs and also many unnecessary join tables from the legacy db had to go because it was getting utterly complex. Now that the hard stuff is out of the way it's cruising along fine ;)

Today allmost got translations fully working with tolk gem (excellent en.yml interface!). And did some restyling of the events page. It was looking too scaffoldy, the show link still has to go and replace it with clicking on the image and get some button links going for edit and download clips ;).

Tomorrow round up translations, and use papertrail for undo/redo on several models and then start writing out a lot of spec's which are missing. Want to have the tests all written out so that when I start ajaxifying everything, plus adding some jquery bells and wistles, I can do it with ease of mind ;).

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