An electric kart!

Written by Walter on 29/7/2009

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Hey well apart from all the other stuff (construction work, cctv camera supply repairment and some skating). Here is my new freetime project building our own electric kart together with Anthony Liekens! We bought an old go-kart frame. First we fixed the brakes (the fluid had air bubbles) by bleeding them and replacing the oil. Then we bought and installed a new chair (since the original one was completely wrong installed). After this we got a new motor mount. Now its a matter of getting the right batteries and me soldering a good controller and we're ready to go electric ;). Click on the picture above to follow our progress on the electric kart blog :D

Here is a video of the electronics extracted from a 'illegal electronic scooter' to use in our e-kart (29/7/2009):
That same evening just before we worked on the scooter I was skating and it was just one of those lucky days, this kickflip went easily after 2 tries:
Unfortunately my smartphone sgh-i600 camera was not able to keep up with my full speed action.

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