Mac OS X on my Dell?!

Written by Walter on x/x/2004

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Love using Mac OS X Tiger. Ever since I fixed the broken imac G4 800 and pimped it with new HD and extra 512Mb ram it's even pretty fast (pictures will be posted in weekend).

Mac has gone intel and surely everyone expected this to happen -> installing mac os X on a regular pc. The only minimal requirement is intel with SSE2 instructions (and certain gfx/sound card requirements). Well my aging dell inspiron 1100 actually just meets those requirements so maybe I'll give one of these a go in the weekend :

That's all folks. And yes, when I have a little spare cash I will go out and buy a genuine macbook pro. Because like stated on osx86project the os updates can be a hassle with a 'hackbook' pc :)

My inspiron 1100 served me well the past 3 years (running mostly suse and redhat linux) but it's just a bit heavy to carry around and my battery only lasts about 30 mins now :).

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