Mio C510

Written by Walter

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I just tested this Mio C510 and installed the software on it for my parents. Turns out this device can be unlocked :). There is a good forum about it. So you can play movies, add other voices to navigation, add a calander etc. on this great GPS device (which runs windows CE .net 4.2 core). I especially liked the bluetooth handsfree function and the 3d view of the MioMap 3.2 software. Anyway read all about it here www.mioforum.be Even cewler is the ability to run the tomtom 6 software (and from what I've read on hackaday about opentom this means a linux based OS!) That would be sweat, turning your mio into a true linux tomtom :D Oh well that's what I would do with it, maybe I should sell that extra PSP I have laying around and get one :D

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