Amiga was used by NASA to monitor rockets!

Written by Walter on 17/08/2021

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You gotta admit the irony of this. Amiga's downfall in europe was because people perceived it as a games only machine and indeed the release of the A600+A1200 at the same time instead of postponing the A1200 a little to wait for a better cpu. 

I literally noticed people buying a 386 pc in the early 90's with cga monitor (4 colors, low res) that costed twice as much because it had a spreadsheet program running on it. Amiga also had perfectly good spreadsheet software at that time (early 90's) but people just didn't know it. Meanwhile I was using my Amiga to also do some highschool work with a perfectly working 'word' like software and had a spreadsheet, AMOS programming IDE, Turbo pascal IDE and basically used the machine almost until 96 when I found price/feature wise the pc hardware had finally surpassed my A1200's capabilities. I hosted my own BBS on the A1200 with a 28k8 modem which was fast at the time and the wonderful little Amiga 1200 allowed me to do things as a teenager that basically sparked my interest/desire to study computer science later on in life.

Maybe mentioning in a TV commercial that Amigas we're also being used by NASA to send rockets into space could have actually saved them. People would have probably perceived it differently than a games only machine ;). I owned a C64 and A1200 as a teenager but never knew NASA used them. I did know A4000's were used in the TV industry with that video toaster board for special effects.

I still have my original A1200 collecting dust and its badly discolored. I do plan on restoring+retrobrighting it someday when I have more spare time.

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