WebTurtle 2.0 work in progress

Written by Walter on 13/2/2020

So during my holidays in Peru in January 2020 I got the itch to do some programming for fun. I first updated my ancient php blog/website into something more modern. And then while creating and summarising many of the pages of my old blog had the idea to re-create an old project kturtle in the browser. The result was nice and it ended up into this page where you can live edit turtle scripts and generate nice images and thereby learn how to program in a fun way WebTurtle v1.4

However some things we're not fully compatible with kturtle or logo, you need braces and brackets. Also slowing down a given program and inspecting all variables is hard to do in webturtle 1.4 because in the end it's actually just javascript running. But I already started on writing my own interpreter in javascript based on wsbasic which I did way back in the early 2000's in c++. It's actually already parsing but needs a lot more work before I release it. It will in essence to give you all the features kturtle and logo have (translations of the language also is possible) + better error reporting and last but not least will allow you to slow down/speed up any program by the simple movement of a slider.

So stay tuned for that one ;)

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