ArkaPong for android the legend has just begun ;)

Written by Walter on 4/10/2013

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Allright yesterday got my first android game running. Here is a small demo of the alpha version after 3 days of develoment:

It's going to be a rewrite of the arkapong game we made in the 90's targeted at android's first, then iphone's and ipads. Now that I started this, I'm having so much fun doing it hope my next contract involves android development again. Android sdk is a breeze if you've got a long java background like me. It's also so similar to writing regular java apps or writing c++ qt apps that's it's a breeze. By using the canvas class this game should work on androids 2.3.x -> 4.x. OpenGL might give some more features and hardware accelleration but it would not work for all the older androids as most of the earlier models don't support the 2d accelerated features I need. Together on the team is Jasper Nuyens from linux belgium who convinced me at Ohm 2013 to just go for it as he's capable of doing the PR work and also he just went ahead and ordered and found some sample pong demo with sources to start from (it was way buggy but it had a lot of features to give us a head start like playing sounds and whatnot). So that's pretty smooth (actually the video is less smooth than the real thing here ;) ). Next up will be more animations and specials. The smartphone market and stores are booming business, let's hope we can make this a winner!

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