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Besides this I'm fully occupied with programming the final parts of MPL, extending my software generation tools such as the precompiler. And finishing my PhD thesis text which is about Creating the integrated programming environment Multi Precision Lab using source code generation tools.

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Found some great advice

Written by Walter on 30/03/2015 03:42:02.

Found this on the internet just now. Had to unlock my iphone 5s. Normally I just use my fingerprint reader on it.
But now I forgot to charge it. And ofcourse forgot my password ugh.
So no problemo just read this! It actually works!

iPhone Never Synchronized or Backed Up

If you never synchronized your iPhone with iTunes on a computer or backed up using iCloud, the only option is to restore the iPhone as new, which will delete all of your personal information. A passco de that can be bypassed by anyone would not be of much use, so this is as intended for security purposes.

If you find yourself in this situation try not to panic. Take a deep breath. Leave your iPhone behind, go for a walk, and try not to think about the passcode per se. Separating yourself from the frust ration may help jog your subconscious to release the information you have forgotten.

If you still do not remember your passcode when you return, hold the iPhone in your hand and ideally sit or stand somewhere where you know you have entered your passcode before.

If that is not an option, try to face a direction that you were facing when you successfully entered your passcode previously. Relax. Close your eyes. Open your eyes again. Enter the passcode without a conscious effort to remember the numbers or letters but instead "feel" it. You may be able to essentially trigger "muscle memory" of the motion pattern you have used before to enter the code.

If none of that works, sadly, you will have to start over as if you just got a new iPhone. If you have only had the iPhone for a few days (which is when people tend to forget the passcode the most, pe rhaps it is not a major problem).

If you recently set a passcode on an iPhone with a lot of personal information that is not synchronized using iTunes or backed up using iCloud and this information is really important to you, you coul d consider buying a new iPhone without restoring the old one. The hope would be that you might remember the passcode at some point in the future. Perhaps buying an expensive new phone will allow you t o remember the passcode the next day. D'oh!

Nevertheless, next time, either (1) do not use a passcode, (2) use the fingerprint enabled Touch ID on the iPhone 5s instead, or (3) be sure to sync your lesser iPhone with iTunes and/or iCloud.

Found the link here: Advice 1

Sometimes people cling on to old teaching and forget computer science evolves constantly.
Way back I wrote an example interpreter called wsbasic and tried to make it as simple and readable as I possibly could.
For MPL I started tuning the lexer class which was based on that (reason being the environment needed to be ported to multiple OS's like windows, linux, os x, etc.).
So yesterday I found on the gnu site they've done the same. So that gives me a lot of hope

New Languages and Language specific improvements:
C and Objective-C

The old Bison-based C and Objective-C parser has been replaced by a new, faster hand-written recursive-descent parser.

Found the link here:
Advice 2

Just food for thoughts. I have to look through some of my backed up sourcecode from 2000-2005 and run another benchmark again to know for sure.
Ofcourse, you won't have full regular expressions with this wsbasic style lexer class but from experience most of the time you don't need them.
(you could do full regexps with boost libs also if you need a full regular expression engine).

So how are these related? Well by relaxing I somehow also triggered an old t-shirt I wore during skating a few days earlier or was it some strange job interview.
Anyway, that triggered a presentation at Emory University about MPL around 2005 (which was tuned even more if I recall it right, hmmm time flies) and well, magic happened .
Hope I can explore a lot more in 2015 and maybe even more magic will happen .

Arkapong for android alpha 2

Written by Walter on 14/10/2013 17:35:29.

Ok added more sound effects and most notably some cool fireworks.
It's like the old version but better in the sense that top player fireworks rain on him when he breaks blocks and bottom paddle gets fireworks if he hits them. Anyway it fills the screen nicely and makes it look cool .

Here's a little preview showing the cpu-vs-cpu mode (or autoplay mainly used for testing):

Once released there is a 1 player. 2 player battle and network 2 player battle that can be chosen. Also loads of specials which will use the fysics engine to add gravity to the playing balls etc.

ArkaPong for android the legend has just begun

Written by Walter on 07/10/2013 20:10:09.

Allright yesterday got my first android game running.
It's going to be a rewrite of the arkapong game we made in the 90's targeted at android's first, then iphone's and ipads.

Now that I started this, I'm having so much fun doing it hope my next contract involves android development again. Android sdk is a breeze if you've got a long java background like me. It's also so similar to writing regular java apps or writing c++ qt apps that's it's a breeze. By using the canvas class this game should work on androids 2.3.x -> 4.x. OpenGL might give some more features and hardware accelleration but it would not work for all the older androids as most of the earlier models don't support the 2d accelerated features I need.

Together on the team is Jasper Nuyens from linux belgium who convinced me at Ohm 2013 to just go for it as he's capable of doing the PR work and also he just went ahead and ordered and found some sample pong demo with sources to start from (it was way buggy but it had a lot of features to give us a head start like playing sounds and whatnot).

Here is a small demo of the alpha version after 3 days of develoment:

So that's pretty smooth (actually the video is less smooth than the real thing here ). Next up will be more animations and specials.

As of yesterday one of the original authors and close friend Anthony Liekens, also my best man at my wedding last year, wants to join the project.

The smartphone market and stores are booming business, let's hope we can make this a winner!